William Peopell of Castle Eaton 1554

March  2013  William Peopell of Castle Eaton 1554

At the end of my session at the Wiltshire History Centre I looked at the books on parishes on the shelves. There was a slim volume by Audrey Tomlin on Castle Eaton Church (1992). The church is St Mary the Virgin. The booklet indicated that in 1550 Humprey Galimore was appointed Rector. He was new Church of England rector. After Queen Mary brought back Catholicism he was replaced in 1554 by Gilbert Bursley. There was an inquisition in 1555 at Cricklade for John Cryppe the elderwhen the Goddard’s (of de la Zouche descent) who had been landowners and decided who was rector were replaced by Anthony  Hungerford and John Cryppe of Meysey Hampton.

In 1558 Queen Mary died and Elizabeth came to the throne. Humprey Galimore was reinstated as the Rector and the Goddards returned.

I know that the Goddards were also the land owners in Latton. William Peopell was married 5 November 1554 in castle Eaton. It was clearly a tumultuous period.

So did William Peopell  get married before or after the catholic rector arrived.   Did the family move to Latton (and then to Hannington) with the Goddard’s or for some other reason?  These are all interesting questions to be explored by looking at the dates, the Goddard family. I need to look at the inquisition as well. Did William Peopell arrive with the Hungerfords or Cryppes or leave for Latton because of them?  Is this a red herring?

The book also gave me some pointers to other places to look for information including  a book on Hannington by Claude B Fry limited edition published 1935 and the Wiltshire Tax list D A Crawley.

I also found out that Castle Eaton was known as Eton Meysi or Eaton Meysy and Water Eaton was known as Eaton Mynchan or West Eaton.



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