The Hive Worcester Archives and Wiltshire Family History Website

March  2013  The Hive Worcester Archives and Wiltshire Family History Website

Last Monday (5th March) I had my first visit to the new Worcester History Centre at The Hive in the centre of Worcester. Eileen went shopping while I spent a couple of hours on the history floor (the second floor).  I have very little need for Worcestershire records but it was interesting finding my way around and looking at the books and records that are available. There is more open access than others I have been to anyway.

On Wednesday evening I met David Chilcott to talk about how I might help with the Wiltshire Family History Website. I quickly realised that not only is there quite a lot to do but that I could be taking on more responsibility than I expected.  On Thursday on the way back from the Wiltshire History Centre I called into the Wiltshire Family History Society Resource Centre in Devizes and met the Finance Committee, they expected that I would be taking over the website at some stage.  It would be a big challenge and particularly the need to move more into social media.



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