September 2011 – one “Peapell” family tree

2011 September – Progress towards one “Peapell” family Tree

After last month, when we had the kitchen renewed and then a holiday, I now have had a chance to continue building the extended Peapell Family.

I have completed a first check through all the England and Wales GRO Index (Births Marriages and Deaths) for “Peapell” from Quarter 3 1937 to 2005. I have also checked all the England and Wales census information from 1841 to 1911.  I have now linked together in one “Peapell” extended family nearly two thirds (over 60%) of Births, Marriages and Deaths and around three quarters (65% to 80%) of the Census entries. This is far higher than I expected when I commenced three months ago as long ago Beryl Hurley established there are at least two separate families back as far as 1600.

There are other “Peapell” that may be linked in as well but I need more information from my mother’s files or by checking original records but we now know that one extended family relates together the majority of the “Peapell” through time and also that are alive today.

I have been fascinated by some of the stories that I have turned up and want to know more about some of these relations of mine.

So what next – I need to extend both to other variants of the name and also to non UK based “Peapell” families. There is lots of information in the files still to mine so the first step is to read through all my mothers files again knowing a lot more about they family

That means learning to read the many old wills and other documents is on the back burner for the time being.

Finding  Family

A contact from a third cousin who I have never met but who found this site from google has made me think about seeking out relations. I know that my mother had correspondence with lots of relations and I need to see if I can find them and re-establish friendship. Thankyou Karen for getting in touch.


Kevin Hurley

Looking for Peapell

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