Peapell Study Photos

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  1. Michelle Vince says:

    I have just found all this information and a photo of some of my Ancestors whilst looking up 38 Eastrop Cottages in Highworth as my husband lived in Eastrop from 1971 to 1998.
    He lived in a 17th Century cottage with his parents and brother.
    I have got a lot of information on my family tree which is on the website, but wow what a find.
    My dad used to be and is still interested in family history so a lot of the information came from him. We used to go and visit churches etc to look at the actual Birth, Marriage and Deaths records ( large books ) back in the 1970′s. We also looked around grave yards etc etc for information too.

  2. Michelle Vince says:

    Good Evening,
    Further to my previous comments I would like to add that it was my Grandmother’s mother Maud Frances Maslin ( 1872-1924) that was the daughter of Joseph Alexander Maslin-(1830-1898) and Eliza Maria Peapell ( 1836-Deceased ) that are my ancestors.
    I have set up a Family Tree on the free Family Search.Org website.
    I have been adding more and more to it over the years and would really love some photos of the Peapells from Highworth to add onto it if you could send me some via e.mail.
    Many Thanks.
    Kind Regards,
    Michelle Vince.

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