Peapell One Name Study

The “Peapell” study is a small but none the less fascinating one – in 1841 the census of England and Wales recorded less than 230 individuals, by 1911 they had multiplied to nearly 500.

My aim

  • Preserve and supplement the existing information
  • Make it readily available to anyone who is interested
  • Make sense of the families and their lives
  • Publish in a easy to understand form

When will this be finished? Well I also have a missing great grandmother to track down… Fanny Richards from Newport, Monmouthshire, born about 1866. She married John Crook Peapell in 1891 in Swindon but 30 years of research has failed to find any trace of her before her marriage.

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  1. Karen Barrett (nee Peapell) says:

    Just found you on google ( well my son did!). We have just started to research our family. John Crook Peapell’s brother Frank, was my grandfather’s father. We had found John was married to Fanny but did not know about Alice. As I said we are in the very early stages of research, but will not be stopping yet. I am happy to share info with you but am sure you know more than I do

    • kevin says:

      Hi Karen

      Thanksyou for the e-mail. I have quite a lot of information on “Peapell” and have information on most trees from our joint gggrandparents back (Henry Peapell and Sarah Crook). I am also researching the “Peapell” name and its varients (about 61 so far). I took over the Peapell information from my mother Beryl Hurley and am adding to it including family stories. Most of the information is in paper form (files and files) and I am currently transferring it into Rootsmagic and also spreadsheets (inbetween working and other activities).
      Peapell being a rare name it is easy to link most together in this country and quite a few overseas.

      Kevin Hurley

  2. david peapell says:

    just stumbled on your webb site, will have a good look, my father was william(tim) peapell, my mother is still alive, living in highworth, regards dave

  3. Martin Peapell says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’ve just come across this website. I used to own the domain name many many years ago. I’m glad to see it’s gone to a good cause and make for interesting reading!

    I live in Swindon and my grandmother still lives in Highworth in the same house she’s lived in for the past 60 years. She’s nearly 90.

    I possess a family tree (not updated in at least 10-15 years) that goes back to the 1600′s. You may already have all this information but please feel free to get in touch – if I can help in any way I will.

    I am grandson to Henry James Peapell & Eileen Freda Peapell. My great grandparents (or was it great great?) owned the Peapell Bakery that was in Highworth in the early 1900′s – I have photos of this with my grandfather as a small child stood outside.

    Martin Peapell

    • James Dixon says:

      Hi Martin,
      Like you i have only just found Kevin’s website, my wife Monica is the daughter of Cyril Peapell, son of Ambrose and brother of your grandfather, would be very keen to share information with you, we have a couple of pictures of Ambrose and a couple of the Peapell grocery store, one of my wife with her Cousin Patricia, [daughter of Fred Peapell ] taken when we were last in the UK some years ago, sadly, we have very few photo’s but glad to share whatever we have.
      My records of the Peapell family don’t go back as far as your own and as Australia is home most of it comes from the internet.
      Love to hear from you if you have the time,
      Jim Dixon.

      • Sean B says:

        Hi Jim,

        My great-great-great grandfather was Frank Peapell (born 1876) who owned the bakery in Highworth at the start of the 20th century circa 1911. He was the older brother to Ambrose Peapell (1882). I have some photos of the bakery and some notes relating to the bakery which were mentioned in the “A History of Highworth” volumes made by the Highworth historical society. I am happy to share the photos if you would like them as well as a few additional ones of Frank’s son Henry James and his wife, who are my great-great grandparents. (born 1899).


        • Martin Peapell says:

          Sean… Henry James was my great-grandfather, his son (also Henry James, but known as ‘Jim’) was my grandfather. Sadly he passed away only a few years ago but his wife (of nearly 70 years), my nan, still lives in Highworth – she’s 91 now. I have a photo of the Peapell Bakery also. Wonder if it’s the same one?

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