One Name Guild Gloucestershire Regional Meeting at National Ullenwood February 2013

One Name Guild Regional Meeting at National Ullenwood February 2013

On Saturday 16th February Gerald Cooke organised another Gloucestershire Regional One Name Guild meeting at the National Star College, Ullenwood, Cheltenham.

There was a packed agenda which started at ten o’clock in the manor house. It was organised by Gerald and Alan Moorhouse.

We started with a round table introduction about each study which provoked questions. What surprised me was how many were “stuck” around the civil war and inter-regnum.

The second  item was Probate Indexes. The guild is building up an index of Probates to include all names identified the most is 60. It replies on One Name Guild Members sending information on Wills Probates and admons etc for surnames (other than the testator’s) that are referenced in the documents. These may be beneficiaries, witnesses, relations, trustees etc,

The third item was FamilySearch & Family Tree. This provoked some discussion about the merits of family trees on line and allowed us to see the different approaches and views of guild members present. Linking to others trees and information can be problematic if not checked carefully.

We broke for a great lunch (which we all brought for ourselves) and the opportunity to purchase some of Alan’s Marmalade proceeds to the National Star College.

After Lunch we reviewed software we used and then looked at archiving our studies.

There was a free format session so I raised two items. I looked for help with finding Fanny Richards and then I asked about medieval records and ideas. Everyone wanted to know about Fanny Richards so I prepared some information and sent it out. I had useful comments and pojnters from Richard Scantlebury, Derek Allen  and Polly Rubery so I am hopeful that I may be able to find her finally



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