October 2011 – Guild of One name studies – Regional Meeting at Ullenwood

October – Guild of One name studies – Regional Meeting at Ullenwood

This was a bright sunny Saturday day in mid October.  I drove up from Wiltshire on my way back to north Worcestershire to the National Star College at Ullenwood just outside Cheltenham


First of all I must start with my thanks to Gerald Cooke and  Alan Moorhouse for organising an excellent day.

The meeting was a small but livly group and there was good discussions from which I found out so much.

Guild Wiki – The talk from Gerald Cook was an excellent reminder of the value of the guild Wiki and Gerald gave a very useful demonstration of some of the contents.  This is definitely something I need to look at again as there is so much information and helpful tips available.

DNA – Polly Rubery outlines use of DMS in a one name stidy based on her previous seminar presentation.  From this I learnt how  her study had used DNA to prove and disprove family relationships.  I also found out about types of tests. This was useful as I have little knowledge before the session.

One-name study over decades – SERMON – John Sermons talk over a five decade study was interesting. The twists and turns and particularly the DNA results to help the study along is fascinating. Clearly he has a bigger study than “Peapell” but food for thought.


Other things that I will follow up includes Facebook usage for both extending my study and  making contact with GooNs ion the area, FaNUK study of places and names and looking at how the guild marriage challenges may help me.


Kevin Hurley 30 October 2011

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