October – 2011 Peapell Website new contact

October – 2011 Peapell Website new contact

I had a second contact through the Website this month. This time it was from Highworth.  After an exchange of e-mails I feel I really need to start making more of the information I have… but one thing at a time – first I need to finish off the current trawl through Peapell.

I have extended the number of “Peapell” linked to the main Branch to around 65% of all GRO Births Marriages and deaths. I have also re- confirmed the links my mother identified with the Australian and New Zealand branches.  I am not intending to research those branches in detail but to document the information that my mother collected from overseas contributors.

What I have been engaged in and somewhat sidetracked me is George Peapell the metropolitan Police Sergeant and later a gardener. He was born in Lydiard, Wiltshire and moved to London with his father and mother John and Ann. The story of his children and families is fascinating me and I need to spend more time on tracking them down.  I have found some of his cases at the National Archive and Old Bailey websites.  Trying to follow what happened to his children and work out will keep me going for some time so maybe next year I can report on what I have found out.


Kevin Hurley 31 October 2011


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