November 2011 – George Peapell

November  – 2011 George Peapell


Today the British Library has made four million pages of newspapers from the 18th and 19th centuries available online. This is a wonderful opportunity and potential resource for one name studies anywhere.


I am coming to the end of capturing the main information on the “Peapell” name for the UK. I have been tidying up the parish baptisms, marriages and burials that I have gleaned from a number of sources (London, Wiltshire and Berkshire mainly).

I have found several interesting “Peapell” three of them named George. The first George is one I knew about from Mum’s research. He was a Baptist preacher in Highworth and also village constable.    He was buried in a vault in his house in Highworth which became a Baptist chapel.  An interesting character and needs a full write up from all the sources available at some time.

The second George is George Peapell the Metropolitan Sergeant born in 1815 – I wrote about him last month. My real interest is not so much about him but his children who seem to have varied and difficult to follow lives. One of George’s children (William) would appear to have been disinherited by the family but was still living close by for many years perhaps 30 or more.  In 1881 he was at the Royal Victoria Coffee Shop in London. After 1891 Williams is living with another relative Jane Peapell either his wife, niece, or sister depending on which source I look at!  Today the announcement that some newspapers are on line allowed me to search for Peapell. The first to come up was a newspaper called “The Era” – heard of it … no neither had I. On 24 Mar 1883 it reported “William Peapell, ‘aged forty, late Manager of the Victoria Coffee Palace Tavern (late Victoria Theatre), was brought up at Southwark Police-court, on Thursday, from Margate, by Detective-Sergeant Jupe, IL division, charged with stealing 102 Ss. 5d”.   Then I found the “Reading Mercury” on 31 Mar 1883 “William Peapell, late manager of the Victoria Coffee Palace Tavern, has been sentenced to six months’ hard labour for stealing £102 the property of the working committee. The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland has commuted the sentence of death passed at Kild …”. So that was why he was his family seems to have disowned him!  I will have to get the full articles and any others I can find.

The third… well I have found a George Peapell who married Jane Allen on 18th October 1866 at St Luke Chelsea, London. He was a “servant” and his father, also called George, was also a “servant” according to the marriage register (on line through I cannot link them to the main Peapell tree yet although it is likely they are. Why do I think so…the witnesses to the marriage are Charles and Ann  Marie Peapell.  I am certain they are the Charles Peapell and Ann Marie Warren who married in April 1851 in London.  Charles was a servant to Lord Radnor (rising to Butler) at Coleshill before becoming a railway constable in London.  But I have no record of George as a brother or cousin but he was a similar age to Charles.  George became a coachman later and George and Jane died without children The next entry in the newspapers archive is  “London Daily News” 14 September 1874 “George Peapell, a coachman, was reexamined, charged with assaulting Jane, his wife, Mr. W. Doveton Smyth defended. The wife, who was unable to walk from the effects of kicks she had received, said that seven weeks ago she and her husband left the serv …” – This looks like the same George Peapell.

So I know I have to get the full articles now and find what other information I can glean – I think a years subscription is over the top for a few pages but a two day subscription for £6.95 may be just right if I can make sure I know what I am looking for.


Next is a choice or choices, do I follow up these loose ends, start on the overseas “Peapell”, or start on “Peapell variants”…


Kevin Hurley 29 November 2011



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6 Responses to November 2011 – George Peapell

  1. v.peapell says:

    I have a copy of the marriage certificate of George Peapell, widower, Baptist preacher
    to Elizabeth Hillier 8th September 1838 at Bishops Cannings, which I ordered in error.
    If you would like this to add to your collection let me know.

    I have traced the Coleshill line back to James Peapell, married to Hannah Leader 25th November 1797. Does your line link into this? Do you have details before this?

    • kevin says:

      I am very pleased to hear from you. I am happy to share any information I have with you and to add to my own information on the “Peapell” family.

      Firstly …James Peapell baptised 1779 and married in 1797 to Hannah Leader is also an ancestor of mine – I have some information going back for a few generations beyond this from Parish Records. I am happy to share although before this time it is difficult to “Prove” completely the family line due to lack of complete information.

      The George Peapell married to Elizabeth Hillier that you have obtained the Marriage certificate for is a fascinating character being both Constable for several years and a Baptist Preacher. He ended up being buried in his own house in Highworth at Towns End. He is also James Peapell’s youngest brother I already have a copy of that marriage certificate which was obtained from the GRO. Was yours obtained there or from the local Registrar? There are often differences between them hence my question.

      Kevin Hurley

  2. Graeme Brown says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Should you see this reply, I am a direct descendent of George Peapell (the Metropolitan Police Sergeant), throught his son Henry Peapell [who migrated to Australia on board the 'Orphelia' in 1875 with wife Eliza (nee Riggs)], then Henry’s daughter Elsie Rubina Peapell in Queensland Australia.

    I would be very pleased to hear from you. I would be happy to share the information I have so far with you and to exchange details on the Peapell family in Queensland which I am currently researching.

    I would also appreciate any information on George and his ancestry.

    Graeme Brown

  3. Ken Price says:

    Hi! I’m a descendant of Racheal Leader (Hannah’s sister) and have begun adding the Peapell to my tree. Any information you are willing to share would be appreciated.

  4. John Brunton says:

    Hello Kevin
    I note that this item is now quite old but I have only just begun to search British records. So you may already have received the small amount of information that I have. It relates to Charles Peapell and Ann Marie Warren. They migrated to South Australia, arriving on 16/8/1876. They have an extended family in Australia. I am descended from their daughter Charlotte Fanny Peapell. She was born in London about 1865 and was about 10 when the family came to Australia. She married John Brunton in Adelaide 22/7/1886 and died on 24/12/1919 at Glenelg S.A. They had 11 children. Let me know if you are seeking further details. I am searching for any details about the Peapells in the U.K.

    • Judy LIPA says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Could you please advise me how to contact John BRUNTON who left a message on October 17th, 2017. I’d be happy for you to pass my email on to him in the hope we could correspond. I have just yesterday finished writing up a 40 page story on my PEAPELL people and John’s connection Charlotte Fanny BRUNTON (nee PEAPELL) was my G-Granny’s sister Ann Sadler COOPER (nee PEAPELL). I have found out lots about the BRUNTON’s on my journey and would love to compare notes and share. I live in Adelaide SA
      Best regards
      Judy Lipa

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