May 2011 Small steps

Small steps

I have to get my Peapell in order. I mean the one name study. This means mainly documents, photographs, videos and notes. But I also have a few modern artefacts – my grandfathers school sewing when he was seven –that is from just in the nineteenth century – and a few other bits and pieces.  To do this I also have to get the rest of my family sorted out ….and Eileen’s family.

As I started documenting and indexing I realised that I need to

  • Have a decent filing system
  • Learn to read old documents – There are lots of photocopies of wills and other records back to the sixteenth century that my mother collected. On some I cannot even make out the name.
  • Document “Sources” better – RootsMagic will allow me to do more than I have so far
  • Scan images of documents etc and both reference and where possible link them
  • Make sure I have captured places in a way I can map later
  • Capture the relationship on RootsMagic between the various family branches as they are difficult to get to grips with on paper records.

In addition I need to make contact with many of the people that I have found on Mums files

While I was trying to understand a will from 1650-ish, I helpfully came across a transcription by my mother. Unfortunately I could not easily read her writing either! She would have laughed at that.

How long will it take to sort it out – A long time but one step at a time.  I am off to take a look at some of the RootsMagic Webinars to see if they help with sources and recording. Following that its any tutorials I can find on the internet


Apart from all this I have followed up “Fanny Richards” Cousin’s family from Devon and Newport. I have found another branch moving to Bath and then Bristol when Fanny’s Cousin was there.


Kevin Hurley

May 2011


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3 Responses to May 2011 Small steps

  1. Bob Peapell says:

    Hi Kevin

    Just come across the Peapell website, it looks good and I will be interested to see how it progresses. My father Dennis Harold Gordon Peapell (born 1927) was in touch with your mother Beryl many years ago so I think you have our branch of the highworth Peapell’s covered. I appreciate your mammoth task bringing all the information together but if you want an update on our side of the clan please get in touch.
    Best regards Bob (Robert Gordon Peapell born 1950 Highworth)
    Ps most of my family now live in Coventry.

    • kevin says:


      Thanks for taking the trouble to drop into the website and leave a comment – I will reply more fully shortly

      Kevin Hurley

    • Bill Ashby says:

      Hi Bob

      I belong to a group researching Auxiliary Units (The British Resistance Organisation) which had it’s GHQ at Coleshill House.

      I noticed that your father worked at Highworth Station during the war. I have been talking to a lady who was a Corporal in the ATS at the GHQ. She met her husband in 1943 and when he was working at the Station. His name was Midwinter. I wonder if you have any photographs or information about the Station or Coleshill.

      I can be contacted through the website:

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