March 2011

March 2011

Guild Profile

The “Three Counties Members Meeting” at Ullenwood had inspired me to create a guild profile and a Peapell One Name Study website and include a blog. The session by Paul Millington had convinced me both of the benefit of having a Guild profile and also not slavishly following his example. I settled on a simple layout with a short explanation of how it all started. Hopefully this will provide me with contacts who search on the internet or approach the Guild. I have sub titled it “All Peapell that on earth do Dwell” In two weeks it had 19 people look at it. Not bad at all for a first step.  I kept it simple with a little on the reason for starting out 25 years ago and a bit more on the work to be done.


Peapell One Name Study Website and “Blog”

Next I turned my intention to setting up a one name study website. Alec Tritton’s session at the meeting on setting up a family History “blog” came in useful.  I asked Sebastian my son to help and we soon established that we could purchase “” name. Sebastian set me up alongside his websites and Eileen’ clarinet site ( Using the tool Alex recommended (WordPress) I soon had a basic site up and running. It has an introduction page, news (blog), some information about the study and progress. I will expand this and add to the blog at least monthly. I cropped the photograph of Henry Peapell and his family taken at Highworth, Wiltshire in 189

I had been recording my thoughts on the one name study progress in January and February in a diary so these were added to the blog. However they appear under March which is when they were added not when I wrote them.

I will also record monthly progress in the form of a log (as encouragement for me!)


Other things what I done

At the start of the month I completed two pieces of work. I finished copying census information from paper files to spreadsheets for all Peapell and main variants for the England and Wales census’s from 18541 to 1901. I also have relevant 1911 information from “Findmypast”  I then validated the numbers and confirmed them against on-line index’s from Findmypast – No missing people but highlighted some errors on findmypast which were duly reported.


Fanny Richards (Married to John Crook Peapell)

The latter part of the month was taken up with my proper job for the Environment Agency and doing some additional research on my great-grandmother Fanny Richards who is missing from records before her marriage in 1890. She married John Crook Peapell in Swindon. I am giving a talk jointly with my father on April 19th on progress in “Finding Beryl’s Grandmother”. This is at the Devizes Branch of the Wiltshire Family History Society.


What Next

I wonder how much progress I will make from April onwards as the weather gets warmer and the evenings lighter. It is the start of the canoeing season. I will be doing some coaching mostly on a monday evening at Upton Warren Canoe and Kayak club but also kayaking and canoeing some weekends. ( I will also be out walking whenever possible at weekends.


Kevin Hurley

Peapell One Name Study

March 2011

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