June – Looking back at the first six months

June 2011 – looking back at the first six months

My first six months looking after the Peapell one name study. Time to take a step back and see what I now have achieved.

I have now sorted out all my mother’s files and moved some things around to make it easier for me to find. I am amazed at how much hand written information there is. There are list and lists of “Peapell” and other spellings extracted from all sorts of records. Some have been put into “Word” documents but others are hand written.  There were notes carefully files away and all sorts of correspondence.

I have been looking at all the RootsMagic webinars which has proved useful. I have found out several things from each one. The most useful so far is the one on Sources. I have improved dramatically my use of sources. This does mean that I need to go back and review previous usage ….. but not yet.  That will take some time.

I am starting to add all the “Peapell” and variants to RootsMagic. I will do this

  • One person and tree at a time.
  • Start with “Peapell” in England and Wales followed by overseas “Peapell” then by “Peapell” variants
  • Making use of the major sources first such as Births Marriages and Deaths, and Census’s from 1841 to 1911 for England and Wales.
  • Followed by  other sources on some sort of priority
  • All source references will be fully documented in RootsMagic
  • Images captured in electronic form where ever possible.

So far I have added my own “Peapell” branch and cross referenced them to Births Marriages and Deaths. I have started on another branch and also making sure with this one I am ticking off census records as I go. So I have (only) the two separate trees in RootsMagic at present which I hope to connect eventually. I will be adding other branches and linking them up (hopefully). So far I have linked 43% of “Peapell” England and Wales births, 40% of their marriages and 28% of their Deaths in RootsMagic.

Off now to sort out a new kitchen which I hope will not cause too much disruption for the next month or so.


Kevin Hurley

June 2011

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