Peapell Family Photograph

January 2012 – Peapell Family Photograph

The photograph used on the web page banner was taken on the occasion of the Marriage of Frank and Phene (2nd August 1897). It has Henry and Sarah at the centre and all their children and spouses. Some Grandchildren are also present but mostly cut off the bottom of the picture


Back Row – Will (William Webb) (son married to Bessie Poole) , Bert (Albert Edward) Giddings (Son-in-law married to Leah) , Frank (Married to Phene – Josephene Racine), Charlie (Son – Married to Alice Coffee who was pregnant and therefore could not have her photograph taken), Sarah Ann (Daughter), James Powell (Son-in Law married to Louise) Henry (Oldest Son) John Crook (second Son)

Middle  Row James (Son), Bessie (Elizabeth Poole – Daughter in Law) holding her second daughter Bernice Bessie (Granddaughter). Leah (daughter – married to Bert Giddings), Phene ( Daughter in Law married to Frank – Maiden name Josephene Racine) Sarah Crook (Wife of Henry ), Henry (Married Sarah Crook), Louise (daughter Married James Powell), Lottie (Daughter in Law – Charlotte Channin – Married Henry ), Fanny Richards (daughter in law married John Crook ) holding Fanny Richards  (Granddaughter parents John Crook and Fanny)

The Front Row is off the picture so I have included a copy of the photograph below

Harry Powell (Grandson ( Parents James and Louise Powell), Rosie  (Granddaughter parents William and Bessie), Ethel (Granddaughter Parents John Crook and Fanny ), May (granddaughter – Parents Lottie and Henry , John Grandson Parents John Crook and Fanny ), Reg Peapell (Grandson Parents John Crook and Fanny ), Ambrose son

If you want a digital copy please e-mail me

Peapell 00011 1024x762 Peapell Family Photograph

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2 Responses to Peapell Family Photograph

  1. sue donaldson says:

    I am new to this and have loved reading about the Peapell history. I am 3x great granddaughter to Sarah Peapell who married David Cassell 1840 and came to NZ. I have found her Dad John Peapell born 1800, Highworth and then his Dad, John, born 1774 who was married to Sarah Walklett in 1797. I guess what I am asking is does anyone have any information about this branch? Thanks sue

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