February 2011

February 2011

I am overwhelmed. There is so much to do and so many things I feel I should do sooner rather than later. I have so many things to do at the same time that I may end up doing none of them properly.   I am not helped by time taken up with work and family matters. On the other hand I do have more time in the winter as canoeing, holidays and evening walks are less of a pleasant diversion.

I have tools to help. I have computer, scanners, and lots of information to hand. I have access yto more information when I need it and I know a little something of research techniques.  However,  I feel I can help myself by being clearer about the big things that are most important to do.

I will set them out generally, without dates to complete them.  I do not want to be a hostage to fortune.  Indeed I want flexibility and I may want to change course, add new things in. So what do I want to do

  • Turn all of my mother’s Peapell  One Name information into family trees
  • Fill in gaps in Peapell One Name information
  • Become knowledgeable on the Peapell  One Name
  • Tell Peapell what I am doing
  • Answer questions and queries on the Peapell One Name
  • Produce a Peapell One Name Website
  • Be clear about the evidence and sources including digitising where possible

At the same time I will also

  • Complete  my mothers family tree (Webb and Peapell) from her files
  • Find my great Grandmothers family (Fanny Richards from Newport)
  • Write a book of my family



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