December 2011 – New Zealand Peapell

December  2011 – New Zealand Peapell

Christmas has gone and New Year swiftly follows. I need to get this out in the short gap between the two holidays as I am also working.

I have had another contact through the “Peapell” website and again a distant relative. Another one I can follow up and find more and different information.

I have started to explore New Zealand Peapell. I have been greatly helped by the papers that I have inherited and am bringing them together. I have correspondence that my mother kept going back over 15 years and have now tracked down some of the missing Peapell families that just seemed to disappear. One of the letters (From New Zealand) referred to information that my mother had supplied on a “Henry Peapell” who was sent to Australia as a convict before 1800 by the look of it. I cannot find the information she had but I will keep looking and see if I can follow up the Australian end as well.

And finally I have upgraded this month from Rootsmagic 4 to Rootsmagic 5 which has a number of new features including research logs.

Kevin Hurley 29 December 2011

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