April 2013 Using the Internet to learn how to do a one name study

April  2013  Using the Internet to  learn how to do a one name study

Last Tuesday (16th April) I did a talk for Wiltshire Family History Society – Devizes Branch on “Using the Internet to learn how to do a one name study” I talked about what I had decided I needed to do and how much help I had found on the Internet. Some has to be paid for but much is freely available.

I have recognized ten things I need to learn how to do better. These are

  • How to run a one name study
  • Using family tree (and other) programme
  • Reading documents
  • Technology -  Website, Social Media/Networking, Hangouts
  • Presenting and Publishing the Study
  • Mapping and migrations
  • Origins of surname
  • DNA usefulness
  • Finding new sources of information for the study
  • Look at pre parish register (medieval sources)

The learning and support tools I covered was mainly by showing the relevant websites during the talk are ones I have found useful including

  •          Pharos On-Line Course – How to run a one name study
  •          Pharos On-Line Course – Medieval Documents
  •          On-Line One Name study Guild Wiki
  •          Webinars from Roots Magic (Family tree software)
  •          You-Tube Videos on genealogy and software
  •          National Archive site for Palaeography particularly the interactive transcribing exercise
  •          Forums
  •          Facebook (ONS Guild and several other genealogy pages)
  •          Twitter feeds on Genealogy
  •          National Archives Podcasts
  •          Genealogy websites and blogs including “The Genealogy Guys” which I listen to in the car or on the train, and “Dear Myrtle”.
  •           Videos from Roots Tech Conference
  •           Historical Sites such as Internet Archive for out of copyright documents

The list seemed to go on. I also talked about other things I have not yet really started to use to advantage such as Google Hangouts

Most of the people there did not realise how much was available. And it was quite an eye opener for them.


At the end I was asked about progress on finding Fanny Richards my Great Grandmother.  I gave a little update and said I should know more in the Autumn.



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