September 2012 – Back at Last

September 2012 – Back at Last 

I have had a very busy spring and summer but now autumn is here I can get down to the Family History again. Since Last April we have had an eight week break from work including four weeks on the Outer Hebrides, our son’s marriage, the usual canoeing and lots of other things to do. Excuses excuses.

The only real Family History I have to report was at the West Midlands Family History Fair at Worcester. I helped my father, John Hurley, run the Wiltshire Stall at Worcester Warriors Rugby Ground is conveniently not far away and he can stay over night with us.  We had some interest in Wiltshire families and met some old friends including the son of our old minister in the 1960’s from the Baptist Tabernacle in Swindon. The One Name Guild stand was next to ours and I met Kirsty Gray the One Name Guild chairman who was helping out on their stall. She has known my father and my late mother Beryl Hurley for a long time.

What now. Well two things

I have the Wiltshire Parish Marriages on three CDs for all parishes to go through (published jointly by Wiltshire Family History Society and Nimrod Marriage Index)

This week I start a Family History Course. It a five week “Introduction to One Name Studies” by Pharos and is run on-line. At the end I should understand what I should be doing and be better able to respond to queries about the Peapell family.

So watch this space…



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